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10 Last-Minute Portuguese-Inspired Gifts that Will Make a Lasting a Good Way

It's crunch time! We found 10 awesome gifts for someone who loves Portuguese culture — and will arrive just in time for Christmas.

It's the most wonderful time of the year. That's what everyone is saying.

Maybe that's because they aren't lifelong procrastinators. Or parents juggling two kids, figuring out how to keep them entertained while school closes for two weeks. Or burnt out professionals scrambling to finish up those oh-so-important year-end projects before this fiscal year ends. Or an average someone who loves all this holiday cheer but gets a bit overwhelmed by all the planning and shopping and decorating and has no idea how on earth Christmas is already less than a week away.

Maybe you're none of these but if you're reading this, we know one thing. You're SHORT ON TIME and NEED TO FIND AN AWESOME HOLIDAY GIFT that's just as awesome as the person you want to give it to.

Collage of gift ideas featured in this gift guide with a red and green Portuguese tile background

And yes, Christmas isn't all about gifts and spending money.

But if you are going to give a gift and spend your money, might as well do so for something that's worthwhile. Something that won't be immediately discarded or relegated to that one drawer that no one remembers to look in.

Below is a list of 10 gifts that will be adored and appreciated by someone who loves Portuguese culture. They may be last minute buys, but these gifts are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression...the good kind!

P.S. For Etsy items, we've included the city from where it ships from. Estimated delivery dates for our recommended Etsy items ranges from Dec. 21 to Jan. 3, so we suggest choosing a seller that lives near your region for the best chance of your gift arriving by Christmas.

Calendar cover featuring Portugal and January month featuring Porto

Know someone planning to travel to Portugal this year? With this calendar, they can count down the days until their trip while wanderlusting over dreamy images of Lisbon, Porto, and Sintra. Best part? They can literally put it anywhere! Pin it to an inspiration board, tack it to the fridge, or place it in a frame on their desk.

Cover of My Portugal cookbook

This cookbook is the perfect gift for your foodie friend that wants to level up their Portuguese cooking. Its recipes come from chef George Mendes, owner of the now-closed Michelin-starred, Aldea, and current executive chef at Amar in Boston (and Top Chef Masters season 3 contestant!).

Maroon t-shirt that says Portugal in a tall narrow font with os navegadores written below it justified to the right

Impress a Portugal soccer fan with this spirited t-shirt! Only a true fan will know that one of the national soccer team's nicknames is "os navegadores" translating to "the navigators" in English.

Puzzle in the shape of a rooster with intricate pattern designs

Anyone who's Portuguese has a profound appreciation for the rooster (if for no other reason than it's reliable crow each morning when they were growing up), even if it's not the famous Galo de Barcelos. And this isn't your average puzzle: it's wooden, the pieces are in the shape of animals, and it's beautiful enough to mount in a frame to display when you're done! Did we mention it comes with a little easel that holds a photo of the rooster to reference while you work??

Front of a package that contains a pastel de nata baking kit

If there's one Portuguese celebrity with worldwide status, it's the pastel de nata! This at-home baking kit is sure to delight anyone whose always wanted to try their hand at making the pastel de nata at home, but fears baking its delicate pastry layers from scratch.

Cover of a book called Portuguese Knitting

For the crafter in your life eager to connect to Portuguese culture through yarn. This guidebook is written by Rosa Pomar, an expert on Portuguese knitting techniques as well as textiles. Her passion for this traditional artisanship shines through in this manual and literary trip through the Portuguese heritage of woolcraft. Don't forget to include some colorful yarn to get their next project started!

Stickers that showcase Portuguese culture icons including the galo de barcelos, portuguese guitars, caldo verde, people in traditional dress, and more

"Feed me caldo verde." This sticker set of Portuguese cultural icons is absolutely adorable and spot on! It's sure to make any collector of water bottles and notebooks thrilled to have a one-of-a-kind way to personalize their gear.

White baby onesie that says Just a Little Portuguese with a watercolor image of the Portuguese flag

Is there a newly minted baby in your friend group or family circle? If their parents are fully Portuguese or maybe mom has a Portuguese grandparent, be the first to give them a little something to embrace their Portuguese roots.

Bracelet with lava rock stones and nine colorful beads each representing one of the Azores islands

Made with a lot of love and pride by a maker with roots in Terceira , this bracelet is an homage to the Azores islands. Each stone represents one of the nine islands, set against a string of lava rocks (a nod to the archipelago's volcanic origins). Such a thoughtful gift for someone who's just as enamored with the Azores!

Cover of a book called Cork Boat that shows the sea with a small cork boat floating on it

A story for dreamers. For those who love unbelievably true stories. Cork Boat is the true story of a man who quit his job as a speechwriter on Capitol Hill to fulfill a childhood dream: to build a boat out of wine corks. And where does it sail it once its built? To none other than Portugal's Douro River where he became a local sensation.


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