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11 Unique Gifts from Portuguese-Owned Businesses

Find a memorable gift inspired by the charm of Portuguese culture AND support a Portuguese-owned business.

Portuguese-owned businesses have been around for as long as the Portuguese began emigrating to foreign countries. That said, in the last few years, the number of businesses launched by Portuguese-Americans, Portuguese-Canadians, and others with Portuguese roots seems to have grown exponentially. And we love to see it!


People walking alongside businesses and the Ria in Aveiro, Portugal

Portugal's Popularity Boosts Portuguese-Owned Businesses

The increase in Portuguese-owned businesses can most likely be attributed to the massive growth in tourism to Portugal in the last five years as it repeatedly wins awards as one of the best travel destinations in the world — I mean, Portugal could only be kept secret for so long!

As more and more people have become acquainted with Portugal, new businesses are capitalizing on the growing popularity of its culture by opening an array of ventures ranging from food trucks serving up fresh Portuguese fare to niche bakeries offering beloved Portuguese pastries like pastéis de nata and malassadas, and online stores delivering goods inspired by Portuguese crafts, designs, and more.

It takes passion, dedication, and courage to launch a new business. As a community that celebrates Portuguese culture, we want to see these Portuguese-owned businesses thrive — and we can make sure that happens by becoming their loyal customers. Don't worry, we wouldn't ask you to support a business if they didn't have something great to offer, and these do!

Below is a specially curated list of 11 unique gifts from Portuguese-owned businesses. Trust us, these beautiful and funny and traditional and modern and scrumptious Portuguese-inspired gifts are guaranteed to make someone special feel extra loved during the holidays, or any time of year!

Portuguese-Inspired Gifts to Love

1. Azulejo Pillow from Alzuleycha

Trevo throw pillow by Alzuleycha

ALZULEYCHA is a modern collection of home decor inspired by Portuguese azulejos. Personally, we love their pillows and aprons, like this Trevo throw pillow (there's a matching coffee mug!). Launched by Portuguese designer, Ana Guerreiro, ALZULEYCHA honors Portugal's rich architectural heritage through the vibrant azulejos that adorn its buildings.

2. Portugal Sweatshirt from Portutees

Art Deco Portugal Sweatshirt

Where pop culture meets Portuguese culture. Portutees says that "growing up in the Portuguese culture/community can be quite entertaining and that's what we go for with our products." Their collection of youthful apparel, t-shirts and accessories is an eclectic mix of Portuguese icons, pop culture references, and retro designs.

3. Biscotti Rings from Burb Bakes

Pistachio Cranberry Biscoitos/Biscotti

Remember the sweet crunch of avó's biscoito cookies? Inspired by their Portuguese grandmother, the sisters behind Burb Bakes whip up this classic artisanal treat in gourmet flavors including cocoa, pistachio cranberry, white chocolate drizzle, and more.

4. Ginja Liqueur from Ginja9

Portuguese ginja liqueur and chocolate cups gift set

Ginja is a traditional Portuguese cherry cordial that "dates back to an early 17th century recipe created by Galician monks who infused sour cherries in alcohol for 12 months." And Ginja9 brings this "spiritual" delight to the U.S. If the sensuously tart taste of ginja isn't enough to impress, perhaps its historical ties will! Plus, this set comes with 8 miniature chocolate cups to serve it in.

5. Magnetic Bottle Opener from Rooster Camisa

Galo de Barcelos magnetic bottle opener

With familial roots in Faial, Rooster Camisa brings traditional Portuguese culture to you through their apparel, home decor, and accessories. And they have an extensive collection of items that feature the iconic Galo de Barcelos. One of our favorite items are these adorably functional magnetic bottle openers. They're a great stocking stuffer too!

6. Gourmet Chocolate from Portugalia

Portugalia is a one-stop shop for any Portuguese food item, be it traditional or gourmet. Stock up on artisanal jams and beautiful tins of sardines or fill your cart with homeland favorites like São Jorge cheese and slabs of bacalhau. Looking for a gift? Portugalia is the perfect place to create a personalized gourmet gift basket. We recommend including a bar of chocolate from the Portuguese brand, Chocolataria Equador (some of their bars are vegan friendly too!).

7. Greeting Cards from liveLUSO

Portuguese-Inspired Holiday Sardinha Christmas Card

We'd be remiss not to include our own little Portuguese store on the list! The online liveLUSO store features a small, curated collection of Portuguese-inspired gifts. Some are original creations, some were brought directly from Portugal, and others are items we love from businesses on this list. Personally, we love our one-of-a-kind greeting cards featuring Portuguese cultural icons and messages.

8. Portuguese Saying T-Shirt from Shop Portuguese

Fear the Spoon t-shirt

From the guys who brought you The Portuguese Kids, Shop Portuguese offers "the best of Portugal," from apparel to home goods to grocery items and more. Their humor is what made them a household name in Portuguese communities around the world and their collection of t-shirts and accessories is where you'll find even more of their jokes!

9. Coffee Beans from Saudade Coffee

Medium roast Portuguese coffee by Saudade Coffee

Allured by the aroma and delightful taste of Portuguese coffee served throughout Portugal's cafés, the ladies behind Saudade Coffee launched an online coffee shop selling premium Portuguese roasted coffee. They offer three distinct roasts including the Portimão, which we had the pleasure of taste testing. (See what we thought here!) Saudade Coffee can be ordered by the bag or you can sign up for a subscription.

10. Baking Classes from The Portuguese Baking School

Portuguese flan in front of bush of green pines

For years, Jeremiah Duarte Bills has been indulging fans with photos of his carefully concocted, mouth-watering Portuguese pastries, cakes, and confections. During the pandemic, he offered online classes to give budding bakers the opportunity to re-create traditional Portuguese bakes at home. And now, he's launched The Portuguese Baking School which offers access to his classes and recipes anytime. A subscription to his online baking classes is the gift that gives year-round!

11. Candle from Casa Betina

Doce Algarve candle from Casa Betina

Casa Betina is on a mission to awaken your senses and share Portuguese heritage through an enticing and soothing collection of all natural scented soy wax candles and home décor. Our favorite scent is this blend of sweet almond and bright lemon inspired by springtime in the Algarve, Portugal's southern region. Or, fill your living room with the scent of Portuguese custard cups with their pastel de nata candle!

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