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17 Best Portuguese-Inspired Gifts

Let Portugal be an inspiration for your giving spirit.

Need help finding the perfect gift this holiday season? Don't have a lot of time to shop? Overwhelmed by picking the right gift for the right person?

Let us alleviate the pressure with this curated list of gift ideas that's sure to enchant your Portuguese mom, your best friend, your favorite coworker, and those lucky few who made your gift list this year. We scoured through all the online stores to find the very best Portuguese-inspired gifts for the very best people in your life! And here they are.

Scroll through to find a gift for just about anyone — the coffee drinker, the avid reader, the foodie, the game night host, the eco-minded, and more!

1. For the world traveler:

After being named the best tourist destination in the world by the World Travel Awards for three years in a row (2017, 2018, 2019), travelers have flocked to Portugal in record numbers (pandemic withstanding), and your friend is probably one of them. Give him/her the gift of saudade (what's more Portuguese-inspired than that?!) with a classic travel poster that will have them reminiscing over an unforgettable visit to Portugal.

2. For the one who's always cold:

Traditional Portuguese Blanket

This traditionally-made blanket is hand woven in Faro, Portugal. It's the perfect winter-time gift for a friend or family member who wants nothing more than to get cozy on the couch with a warm blanket and hot cocoa...or some chá de limão.

3. For the game night host:

Azul Board Game

Inspired by the famous azulejo tiles that adorn Portugal's buildings, this board game promises to be a good time for all ages and has a beautiful game board. For the ultimate game night host, this is the coolest game they don't have yet.

4. For the coffee and tea drinker:

There's no better way to start the morning than sipping on a freshly brewed cup of coffee in a Portuguese-inspired mug. One of these mugs can even be personalized with your loved one's name!

5. For the eco-minded shopper:

Cork handbag made in Portugal

It's lightweight. It's sustainable. And it's sophisticated. All the way from Loulé, Portugal, this intricately detailed, cork handbag is the perfect splurge for mom this year, or a reeeaallly good friend.

6. For the literary buff:

The Book of Disquiet: Fernando Pessoa

Fernando Pessoa is Lisbon's beloved poet full of quirky insight into the world around him. The Book of Disquiet is an autobiography of sorts considered to be Pessoa's greatest literary achievement and the complete edition presents the texts chronologically for the first time.

7. For the soccer fan who only refers to Ronaldo as GOAT:

The 2022 World Cup has been a wild one! Regardless of the outcome, it was a blast cheering on Portugal, through both the ups and downs. With this being Cristiano Ronaldo's last World Cup appearance, it's the perfect time to gift a jersey to your soccer fanatic friend, commemorating Ronaldo's time with the Seleçao Portuguesa. Featured above are options for both licensed (white) and unlicensed jerseys (red).

8. For the foodie:

Portuguese linguica spice blend

For your friend who loves to make gourmet food from the comfort of their kitchen, gift them this authentic linguiça spice blend. They can add it to ground meat to create their own homemade linguiça (or other Portuguese sausage) or add it chilis, stews, and more.

9. For the friend who's from the Azores:

Made in the Azores t-shirt

If your friend is from the Azores, you know they love to talk about that island pride! They can always be bothered to explain to a newbie what the Azores is and where it is. And you can count on them to passionately defend which island is better. With this "Made in the Azores" t-shirt featuring none other than the ananás dos açores (Azorean pineapple), they can wear their Azorean pride in style.

10. For the cute baby in the family:

Baby onesie that says Avo's Favorite Neta

This onesie is the cutest declaration of a Portuguese grandpa's love for his granddaughter. It also comes in a variety of colors including dark grey, light grey, and yellow.


Customizable Portugal soccer baby onesie

Soccer fans start young. If your friend's baby doesn't have team gear of Portugal's Seleção Nacional yet, they're slacking! But you can be the one to gift them their very first unofficial Portugal soccer you can personalize it with their baby's name. How cute is that?!

11. For the trendy one:

Portuguese tile earrings

Atrio's jewelry designs are inspired by the azulejo tiles that bring color and art to buildings all around Portugal. These earrings are a versatile accessory for almost any outfit -- casual or formal. We love Atrio's work and even own a pair of their earrings.

12. For the baker:

Rolling pin embossed with Portuguese rooster

We guarantee that your favorite bakers -- your mom, your uncle, your best friend -- don't have this quintessentially Portuguese rolling pin. It has an intricate embossed design that stamps the Galo de Barcelos onto cookies when rolling out dough, creating the most Portuguese cookie ever.

13. For stocking stuffers:

Castelbel soap made in Porto

These scented soaps are made in Porto and are a great gift to include as stocking stuffers. I mean, who can't use a nice bar of soap? Though we'll admit, these are probably better stocking stuffers for adults, not kids.

14. For the avid reader:

The Tenth Island by Diana Marcum

Written by Pulitzer-prize winner Diana Marcum, The Tenth Island is a travel memoir of the Azores archipelago. Marcum was first introduced to the islands by the Portuguese-American community she met when reporting on the California drought's affects on people in the state's Central Valley, where small Portuguese-American communities reside.

15. For the person who could use a little luck next year:

Traditional Galo de Barcelos Portuguese ceramics

Every Portuguese person has a Galo de Barcelos in their home, or at least they should. These days, the famous Barcelos rooster comes in every size, color, and material imaginable. And some homes have multiple roosters on display as they are believed to bring good luck.

16. For the young at heart:

Portuguese azulejos coloring book for relaxation, meditation, and stress relief

Here's one more azulejos-inspired gift idea. This adult coloring book features fun azulejo designs to help you relax, meditate, and exercise the right side of your brain. A great gift for anyone who needs a creative outlet, both young and old!

17. For the friend who likes to get tipsy, but keep it classy:

Ginja 9 gift set

Ginja is a sour cherry liqueur made from...ginja cherries! This Portuguese drink is often served in a chocolate cup, making it a delicious after-dinner sipping drink. Ginja 9 is based in the U.S. but their ginja is produced in Portugal. This ginja and chocolate cup gift set is the perfect gift to impress your in-laws, a new boss, or someone you really appreciate.

Last but not least, don't forget to add a personal touch to your gift. Handwritten cards are nearly a lost art even though the messages they hold are adored for years to come. This year, no matter what you give, include a holiday card with a little note...even better, give a card with a festive Portuguese message.

Happy Holidays!


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