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We've Got Nostalgia for TAP Air

The liveLUSO online Portuguese community shares fond memories of flying on TAP Air Portugal.

A retro-bodied TAP Air Portugal plane sits on the tarmac at the Lisbon airport
A retro-bodied TAP Air Portugal plane sits on the tarmac at the Lisbon airport

Many Portuguese Americans and Portuguese Canadians have memories of flying to Portugal on TAP Air Portugal to spend the summer reconnecting with friends, family, and their second home. TAP represented a bridge between two beloved cultures.

TAP Air Portugal Today

A TAP airplane glides over puffs of clouds
A TAP airplane glides over puffs of clouds

Just a couple of decades ago, TAP was the leading airline flying travelers from North America to Portugal, but their service between the two continents dwindled over the years. With tourism to Portugal increasing exponentially the past few years, that’s not the case anymore. TAP announced late last year that they aim to double their operations in North America over the next few years. If you live on the West Coast of the U.S. or Canada, get excited! They are even launching a direct flight from San Francisco starting June 2019, the first time the airline has flown directly to the West Coast.

Not only is TAP increasing its reach around the world, but its built a reputation for being a quality airline offering excellent service and ensuring a smooth travel experience. For the 8th consecutive year, TAP was named the best airline in Europe by Global Traveler.

Memories of Flying on TAP

With these efforts, a whole new generation will get to experience flying on TAP on their way to Portugal. So we asked our community, what is your favorite memory of flying on TAP? Here's what you had to say!

"For me, it was always nice to hear Portuguese being was like a little preview of what was to come once we got to Lisbon...warmed my heart."

- @fitgirl_seelizshine, Vineland, New Jersey

"Everyone dressed properly, Sunday best, I also loved those branded travel bags given by the travel agency. Honestly, it was the whole process. I think flying today is like taking an expensive taxi, back then it was an experience."

- Carlos Carvalho, New Bedford, Massachusetts

"I love how everyone claps when landing in Lisbon. So emotional."

- Elizabeth Martins, San Diego, California

"I came on a plane like that from Lisbon to JFK in 1975 and 90% of the passengers were all smoking."

- Fernando Marques

"My first flight ever in my life was in 1981 on Tap Airlines from Madeira Island to Lisbon to NY when I was 11 years old. I met my new adoptive parents and family when I landed at the airport in New York. Since being adopted, I have been back to Madeira to visit my birth family 5 times. Saudades da Madeira!"

- Noel Dinolfo, Chandler, Arizona

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