What is Luso?

Luso restaurant in Lisbon - Photo credit @vidarnm

Luso. You've seen the word before, especially if you were brought up around Portuguese communities. Not only is our company is called liveLUSO, but many Portuguese-American and Portuguese-Canadian business names start with the prefix luso. Even one of Portugal's major bottled water companies is named Luso and a Portuguese version of Venmo is called Lusopay. As you've probably already figured out, this is no coincidence!

Why is the word 'luso' prevalent in Portuguese communities?

Well...luso is a Latin prefix meaning "relating to Portugal or the Portuguese culture." Its origins are traced to the Lusitanian tribe, a group of people that lived near the Beira Alta province and Serra da Estrela mountains in present-day Portugal. At one point, their territory extended from the Douro River in northern Portugal all the way to the Tagus River in central Portugal.

The Lusitanians were led by a man named Viriathus. For many years, Viriathus helped the tribe successfully fend off the Romans and their attempts at conquest. Soon after Viriathus' assassination in 139 B.C., the Lusitanians were finally conquered by the Roman Empire and their territory became an official Roman province called Lusitania, now known as Portugal.

And so, the prefix luso came to be mean anything associated with Portugal, its culture, or its language.

Map of Lusitania, a former Roman province

Our company adopted the name liveLUSO because we aim to add a dose of Portugal to your daily life! Our mission is to build an online Portuguese community, while also supporting thriving Portuguese communities across the US and Canada. Join our online community and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you're eager to experience Portuguese culture near you, check out our directory to discover Portuguese restaurants, stores, organizations, and more!

P.S. Show off your Portuguese pride with a Portuguese flag! By the way, we also encourage you to wave your American and Canadian flags proudly -- just maybe add a Portuguese flag into the mix. *wink wink

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