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Keep Up with Portugal in the Euro 2020

Follow the Portuguese national soccer team, aka the Seleção Portuguesa, as they defend their title in the Euro 2020. And download a Portugal-themed Euro 2020 bracket for FREE! #VamosComTudo

It's June 2021 and the 2020 UEFA European Championship, also known as the Euro 2020, has finally arrived!! The tournament was scheduled to take place in Summer 2020 but was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Portugal enters the Euro 2020 as defending champions but will have to prove themselves early on as they compete in the Group of Death in the group stage. Follow along with us as we cheer on Portugal's Seleção Nacional throughout the tournament!

After each match that Portugal plays in, we'll update this post with some of the game's highlights, just in case you didn't get a chance to watch. Or in case you want to watch some of the big moments again.

Portugal in Euro 2016

In 2016, Portugal's national soccer team was an underdog in UEFA's European Championship, especially after securing an unimpressive third place seed in the group stage (Group F included Hungary, Iceland, Portugal, and Austria). Despite its lackluster start, Portugal brought the força and ultimately stood out for its defensive tactics, scored 3 of the tournament's top 10 goals, won its quarter-finals game in an anxiety-inducing round of penalty kicks, and persevered through a dramatic championship game where Cristiano Ronaldo was carried off the field just 25 minutes into the game and Eder scored the game-winning goal in extra time.

In the end, Portugal victoriously lifted the championship trophy on France's home turf, fueled by elation and exhaustion. Eder emerged a national hero, Ronaldo and Nani were the team's top scorers in the tournaments (scoring 3 goals each), and Renato Sanches was named Young Player of the Tournament.

Rewatch Portugal win the Euro 2016 in 9 minutes

Portugal's Team Roster in Euro 2020

Portugal's national men's soccer team is formally known as the Seleção Portuguesa. It also goes by the moniker, Seleção das Quinas. In Portuguese, quinas refers to a group of five things and came to be associated with the five blue shields on Portugal's flag, and by extension, the flag itself.

Coach, Fernando Santos, will once again lead the Portuguese team and is expected to rely on the defensive tactics that led Portugal to victory in the Euro 2016. But it's said that with additional attacking strength, he may expand play a bit giving young talent like João Félix and Diogo Jota a chance to shine near the goal. Below is Portugal's 26-man roster set to appear in the Euro 2020.

Note: Just two days before Portugal's match against Hungary, João Cancelo had to withdraw from the squad due to a positive Covid test.


Cristiano Ronaldo (7), André Silva (9), Rafa Silva (15), Diogo Jota (21), João Félix (23)


João Moutinho (8), Bernardo Silva (10), Bruno Fernandes (11), Danilo (13), William Carvalho (14), Renato Sanches (16), Gonçalo Guedes (17), Rúben Neves (18), Pedro Gonçalves (19), Sérgio Oliveira (24), João Palhinha (26)


Nélson Semedo (2), Pepe (3), Rúben Dias (4), Raphaël Guerreiro (5), José Fonte (6), Diogo Dalot (20), Nuno Mendes (25)


Rui Patrício (1), Anthony Lopes (12), Rui Silva (22)

Portugal Match Schedule in Euro 2020

This year, Portugal plays in Group F in the group stage (aptly named the Group of Death) and will once again face Hungary, along with Germany and France.

Hungary v Portugal - Tuesday, June 15 @ 9 a.m. PST

If you remember the Portugal v Hungary game in the Euro 2016, it was a nail-biter to say the least! That game ended in a 3-3 tie in which Hungary scored first, followed by an equalizer from Portugal's often underestimated Nani. From there, both teams scored back-and-forth until they reached the tie score of 3 to 3. If this is any indicator, the Hungary versus Portugal face-off promises to be an exciting match.


Portugal Goals: Raphaël Guerreiro 84', Cristiano Ronaldo 87' (P), Cristiano Ronaldo 90+2'


Just as expected, this was an exciting match indeed that ended with a very satisfying result for Portugal. That said, Portugal fans had to wait until the 84th minute for the first goal to be scored by Raphaël Guerreiro. Just 3 minutes later, Ronaldo was awarded a penalty kick and converted it with ease becoming the first player in history to play and score in 5 European Championships!


Portugal v Germany - Saturday, June 19 @ 9 a.m. PST

After a match against Hungary, Portugal will play the formidable Germany. The current German team isn't nearly as strong as the team that dominated in the World Cup 2014, but Portugal has struggled to beat Germany in the past. The last time that Portugal beat Germany was in 2000. Since then, they've faced Germany in 4 tournament appearances and lost every time. Hopefully, this is the year Portugal breaks its losing streak!


Portugal Goals: Cristiano Ronaldo '15, Diogo Jota '67

Germany Goals: Rúben Dias '35 (OG), Raphaël Guerreiro '39 (OG), Kai Havertz '51, Robin Gosens '60


Lots to see in this game but ultimately disappointing for Portugal fans. Germany immediately looked to be the more dominant team until Ronaldo scored an easy goal off of an assist from Diogo Jota. From there, Portugal was looking more confident until a pair of own goals put Germany ahead 2-1. The first own goal was tough to avoid as Rúben Dias was tried to defend the goal. But the second own goal from Raphaël Guerreiro was unfortunate. Two more goals by Germany pushed their lead to 4-1. Portugal upped the tempo and the pressure in the second half, where Jota scored a goal off of a set piece. Unfortunately, their efforts weren't enough to overcome the 3 goal deficit.


Portugal v France - Wednesday, June 23 @ 12 p.m. PST

Portugal's best strategy to advance beyond the group stage would be to make a strong appearance against Hungary and Germany. Although Portugal beat France in the Euro 2016 championship game, France made yet another strong appearance in the World Cup 2018 and became world champions. When Portugal won the Euro 2020 on French soil, a rivalry of sorts seems to have developed between the two teams. Both teams will be hungry to defend their respective titles — if this match has any say in who advances past the group stage, expect an intense clash between these two teams.

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