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Luso Style Quarantine Bingo

What have you been up to during this quarantine? A game of bingo to pass the time...luso style.

Challenge your Portuguese friends to a friendly game of bingo by checking off each activity you've done since the quarantine started.

Join our #PortugueseBingo social media challenge by sharing your bingo card and tagging @liveluso on Facebook or Instagram along with a photo of one the activities you've completed.

We'll keep the challenge going until the end of April. Let's see how creative, bored, and hilarious you can be!

Not sure how to share this bingo card? You can share this blog post. Or screenshot the bingo card and share as a photo on social media. Or share the bingo card we've posted on Facebook and Instagram.

P.S. This is a fun activity to offer a little distraction during a serious time. We encourage everyone to follow social distancing measures & thank all who are providing essential services.


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