8 Portuguese Inspired Halloween Costumes

With these looks, you'll get to channel your inner Amália, Ronaldo, and more this Halloween!

If you've ever wanted to bring out your cultural roots on Halloween with a Portuguese inspired costume, Google isn't particularly helpful. That's because costume companies have yet to tap into the Portuguese culture — they're missing out on a lucrative opportunity if you ask us.

With a little creativity, we've come up with a few Halloween costumes that showcase some of the Portuguese culture's greatest icons. Get ready to make this Halloween the most memorable yet!

1. Amália Rodrigues, the Queen of Fado

Costume Award: Biggest Diva


Layer this traditional Portuguese Viana scarf over a black skirt or dress and pull your hair back into a low bun. Add winged eyeliner and accessorize with a Portuguese mandolin (even a ukelele could play the part). In no time, you'll be feeling the spirit of a seasoned fadista.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo, Greatest Soccer Player of All Time

Costume Award: GOAT


Throw on this classic, polo-style soccer jersey from Portugal's 2014 World Cup appearance and style your hair with a healthy amount of gel. If you want to go the extra mile, apply a five-minute teeth whitener and show off Ronaldo's pearly whites. Soccer skills come separately but you'll be strutting like a champion.


What child doesn't want to dress up as their hero for Halloween? With this Ronaldo soccer kit, every Portuguese little one can fulfill their dream and be the living legend for a day!

3. Azorean Cow, the Most Regal of Cows

Costume Award: Best in Show

PHOTO: hcwphotography/Shutterstock


Pay homage to the cows that roam wide across the Azores and produce the famous Queijo de São Jorge, among others. Carry an Azores flag while donning these cow onesies to achieve a look that's bound to muster a few giggles — they're just jealous that they're not as clever.

4. Yourself, in a Punny T-Shirt

Costume Award: Least Effort Applied


Nothing says "I don't care, but I kind of care just a little bit" like this to-the-point t-shirt that says "This is my Portuguese costume." It's a completely uninspired look. But hey, at least everyone will know that you're Portuguese!

5. Fernando Pessoa, the Poet of Many Names

Costume Award: Most Intellectual

Photo: https://observador.pt/2017/02/02/como-interpretar-narizes-ou-reinventar-o-futebol-as-licoes-de-fernando-pessoa/


Pull out that black tie and distinguished coat that have been sitting in the back of your closet for months. Add a self-adhesive mustache and this flat-rimmed black hat. Borrow a pair of glasses with round frames. And you’ll be a dead ringer for Fernando Pessoa — you may even get asked to recite an original poem.

6. Little Portuguese-American Dancer, the Quintessential Luso Child

Costume Award: Cutest Kid in the Room


Were you a Portuguese folk dancer as a kid? Or maybe you watched them twirl from the sidelines and secretly wanted to join in on the fun. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to dress up your kid in the cutest Portuguese folklore outfit, all without the commitment of taking them to weekly dance practice.


If you were a proud Portuguese folklore dancer, or even a forcado in a stateside bullfight, now is the chance to pull out your traditional “uniforms” and don a truly unique Halloween costume guaranteed to win you "Best Repurposed Attire" in a costume contest.


Just couldn't help ourselves. We found this adorable Nazarena cap on Etsy that would make the perfect accessory to a traditional Portuguese folk costume — it comes in kids and adult sizes!

(If you purchase something from our Etsy link, we may get a small commission as an affiliate partner)

7. Portuguese Explorer, the Greatest Seafarers in History

Costume Award: Most Lost in Time


Channel the great seafarers of Portuguese history for an epic costume — you could take on the name of Vasco da Gama, Bartolomeu Dias, Fernão de Magalhães, to name a few. This Christopher Columbus costume would make for a great base to a Portuguese explorer costume. Or hey, dress up as Columbus himself — it's been contested that he was actually Portuguese.

8. Ronaldoggo, the Best in Four-Legged Soccer

Costume Award: Most Team Spirit


Don't leave out your furry friend from the Halloween festivities! Show your friends just how much of a Portugal soccer fan you are with this Portuguese soccer jersey adapted for dogs.

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