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How do I become a lobbyist?

Choose a lobbying association and join it when you register online or at the General Assembly.

Can lobbyists serve in the Senate or House?


Who can't be a lobbyist?

Senators Representatives Judges TISL Officers Officers of the Court, House and Senate (Chief Clerks, Clerk & Marshall, etc.)

Can AMC3 lawyers be lobbyists?

Yes. It is encouraged.

How many of my school's delegates can be lobbyists?


May lobbyists testify before committees?

Lobbyists may not serve on legislative committees, but they may testify before committees with committee approval.

May lobbyists speak on the floor of the Senate or House?

No. Lobbyists are never allowed to speak on the floor of the Senate or House during session

Who runs the lobbying associations?

The Executive Council will choose experienced delegates to be CEOs of the firms. The CEO will help the firm organize and stay on track. After that, we encourage including everyone in making decisions about the firm's legislative agenda and strategy.

Are there awards for lobbyists?

Yes. On Saturday, each lobbying association will nominate one of its members as Best Lobbyist. On Sunday morning, all of the lobbyists will vote to choose the Best Lobbyist. The winner will be announced at the closing session of the General Assembly.