Essential Portuguese teaches you the fundamentals of European Portuguese in just 5 classes. Attend all 5 or drop-in on just a few. Perfect for beginner and intermediate level language learners. 


Class will take place on Tuesday's from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm on the following dates:

  • Class 1 -  June 18, 2019

  • Class 2 - June 25, 2019

  • Class 3 - July 2, 2019

  • Class 4 - July 9, 2019

  • Class 5 - July 16, 2019


Our class will be hosted at the trendy co-working space, Moniker Commons, located in Liberty Station in San Diego, California.


Essential Portuguese is a 5-class educational series on the Portuguese language and culture, that takes place in Point Loma, home to San Diego's vibrant Portuguese community. Amanda da Rosa and Gabrielle Horta will take you on a journey of Portugal from the comforts of a modern, community work space right next to the San Diego Bay. Along the way, you will learn the fundamentals of European Portuguese, gain new insights into the Portuguese culture, and meet a few new friends. 


nice to meet you

Intro to Portuguese

Topics Include:

- Greetings

- Basic Vocabulary

- Formality & Politeness

End of Class Goal:

Introduce yourself


It's all relative

Family and Friends

Topics Include:

- Grammar of Words

- Identifying & Describing People

- Intro to Verbs


End of Class Goal:

Briefly describe a friend or family member


Take me to portugal

Traveling in Portugal

Topics Include:

- Transportation Vocab

- Asking for Directions

- Time

End of Class Goal:

Ask how to get somewhere



give me a taste

Food and Restaurants

Topics Include:

- Gourmet Vocabulary

- Ordering Food

- Typical Foods of Portugal

- Numbers & Prices

End of Class Goal:

Order a complete meal


connect the dots

Review of Classes 1 - 4

Topics Include:

- Overview of Previous Grammar Topics

- Structure of a Sentence

- Expand on Cultural Points

End of Class Goal:

Feel confident communicating essential information in Portuguese

don't miss out!

No matter where you are on your language learning journey, we'll help you reach new heights!

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5 classes, 90-min ea.

Deadline to Register:

June 15

5-class package
registration includes
  • Entrance to class at Moniker Commons

  • Class materials

  • Instruction by native speakers



Deadline to Register:

2 days before class date

Class: Select one or more options
Payment Method: Payment due within 48 hours of registration. Instructions to be sent in confirmation email.

Thanks for submitting! You will receive a confirmation email from us shortly.


Amanda darosa

Amanda is a Point Loma native, but was raised speaking Portuguese in the home. With a B.A. in International Business and Management, Amanda has lived, studied and worked in Portugal. She has been teaching Portuguese privately for over 10 years.

Gabrielle is also a San Diego native who was raised speaking Portuguese with her family. She holds a B.S. in Business Marketing and an M.A. in European Political Science. She is a marketing and education professional, who also tutors privately.

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Attendance & Class Rules

What if I'm running late?

It is your responsibility to inform the instructors via phone call or text message if you are going to be late to class. Students who arrive more than 10 minutes late without notice will be considered a “no-show” and will not receive a refund. If arriving late, previously-covered material will not be reviewed nor are partial refunds granted.

I bought the 5-class package. What if I miss a class?

Students who need to miss a class will be provided class materials if they have purchased a 5-class package. However, old material will not be covered by the instructor during regular class time, and no partial refunds will be granted. Private tutoring with one of the instructors can be made available to you at a discounted rate to review old material, if needed.

What is a drop-in?

A drop-in is when you sign up to attend one class at a time instead of the whole five-class series. Drop-in classes are $35 per class. Our classes are designed to be stand-alone lessons, meaning you don't need to attend class 1 to understand class 2 or 3, etc. However, if you have never taken a Portuguese class before, we recommend you take class 1 before any of the other classes.

Can I bring a guest to class with me?

As a courtesy to your fellow classmates and instructors, we ask that children and pets stay home. If you have a guest interested in taking one or more classes, they may attend class at the drop-in rate of $35 per class, and must pay the instructor upon arrival, if not sooner. Please contact instructors beforehand to ensure that there is still space available.

Can I bring food and/or drink?

Light snacks and beverages are permitted in the classroom, within reason, however we ask you respect the space and clean up after yourself. Trash bins and restrooms will be available, and water will be supplied by your instructors.

Registration, Payment, & Refunds

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the following methods of payment: - Credit Card - Cash - Venmo - Check

I want to cancel my registration. Can I get a refund?

To cancel, you must email us at least 48 hours before the start of class or contact your instructors directly. If you cancel with at least 48 hours' notice, you will receive a full refund via the same method your payment was submitted. Please note that if you want to cancel a 5-class package, you must cancel at least 48 hours BEFORE the start of class 1 on June 18.

When is payment due?

Payment is due within 48 hours after you submit the registration form. You will receive payment instructions in your registration confirmation email. If you do not pay the class fee within that time, your spot in the class will be forfeited. Please note that if you register and pay for class within 48 hours from the start of class, you are not eligible for a refund if you choose to cancel.

When is the deadline to register for classes?

For the 5-class package, you must register by June 15. For drop-in classes, you can register up to 48 hours before the start of class. If you would like to attend a class and cannot register at least 48 hours in advance, you can email us with your request. If there is still space available, we may be able to accommodate you.

I registered for class. Now what?

Once you complete the registration form, you will receive a confirmation email. You then have 48 hours to complete payment for your chosen class/es. If you do not pay the class fee within that time, your spot in the class will be forfeited. After you complete payment, you will receive another confirmation email with more information about classes and your instructors. Follow us on Facebook to receive class updates.


Do I need to buy a textbook?

No, all instructional materials will be provided by your instructors.

What do I need to bring to class?

The instructor will provide you all necessary materials for the class, including worksheets. It is your responsibility though to bring paper and writing utensils. A small, three-ring binder or folder is recommended to keep the materials that will be handed out in class, along with your notes. You are also welcome to bring any of your own books, dictionaries or other study aids.


When are classes? How long are they?

Classes are to be held every Tuesday evening, from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm, beginning June 18, 2019, and ending July 16, 2019. Please be prompt. Breaks may be taken during class, as needed.

Where will classes take place?

Classes will take place at Moniker Commons, located in Point Loma's Liberty Station. The address is 2869 Historic Decatur Rd, San Diego, CA 92106. Please note that this is not the Moniker coffee shop in Liberty Station. The Commons workspace is located nearby though on the south side of Public Market, closest to the water. You can find ample free parking behind Corvette Diner.

How are classes structured?

Each of the five classes will have a language and cultural component with a main objective for each class. Each session will be a complete lesson, so you can attend all five or drop-in on the classes you're most interested in. You do not need to attend class 1 to understand class 2. However, if you have never taken a Portuguese class before, we recommend taking class 1 before any of the other classes. Follow liveLUSO on Facebook for updates on class topics.

Is this class for beginner, intermediate, or advanced Portuguese students?

Essential Portuguese is ideal for beginner and intermediate level Portuguese language learners. If you've never taken a Portuguese class in your life but you're eager to give it a try, this class is for you. If you've been learning Portuguese for a couple of years but still struggle with some of the basics, this class is also for you. *Advanced students, you are welcome to attend. You may find value in the cultural topics and review of basic Portuguese grammar that we will cover. However, please note that this class will focus on the building blocks of the Portuguese language.

I don't live in San Diego. Can I attend?

In the future, we may livestream classes for students who do not live in San Diego. However, this service is not available at this time. Therefore, only students who can attend this class in San Diego should sign up.

Can kids sign up?

Attendees must be at least 15 years old. The learning needs of young children differ greatly from that of an adult, which is why we have set a minimum age requirement.